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GeoPlunge offers a great way for children to learn without the feeling of being taught. It can be played at school or at home, allowing children to gain critical thinking skills as well as knowledge about the United States.


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About GeoPlunge

About GeoPlunge

While playing GeoPlunge, children learn general knowledge about all 50 states in the U.S.A such as capitals, flags and populations as well as their geographical relations to each other. They learn about landmarks, mountains and US history related questions while playing this fun and interactive game.

What teachers and parents have to say

This program is true to the words “learning can be fun” because in the span of a week, my students learned more geography than they had in a whole year of fourth grade social studies.

Teacher at D.C. Public School System Elementary School

The students have a new found love for geography and a desire to travel as a result of playing GeoPlunge.

Parent of an Elementary School Student at D.C. Public Schools